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just grand!


Grant knows what he’s talking about:

Raveidge Sensation Vol. 1


The first Raveidge Sensation mixtape is now up for download, grab it now

(> top right where it says mixtapes).. enjoy

Raveidge Sensation Vol. 1 Cover

ravin hybrids 2010: bass odyssey cont.



shut up & dance ’89 – 10£ to get in

UR  ’90 – the final frontier

yes, we’ve come a long way from these two in 2010. Yet they sound fresher than ever as they resonate increasingly in productions from all around the globe these days. the london and detroit sounds are alive and well, they have evolved into uncountable hybrids (or mutants) that are, in my opinion, completely beyond naming or labelling of any sort at this point. They are what they are, whether they be filed under house, uk garage, 2 step, techno, dubstep, breaks, broken beats, drum’n’bass, jungle, future garage, funky or any genre for that matter.

In my personal experience, a magnificent phoenix composed of many actors from different backgrounds has been rising out of the ashes of the ‘wobble-hype’ in dubstep over the past year or two. a lot of producers and labels have pushed the boundaries repeatedly, promoters and commited musicworkers have established niches for those hybrids. the openmindedness that always accompanies the creation and celebration of hybrids feels good and gives all involved a lot, i suppose. to me at least, (as an observer from remote switzerland,) times are exciting as hell.

i am setting up this space initially to publish a series of mixtapes i am doing called Raveidge Sensation. The series tries to tie the strings of the oldskool and the nuskool of ‘music made for proper ravin’, as i like to put it generalizingly. Therefore the idea will be for you people to download the files (a + b side), record it on tape at home and listen to that shit on your walkman or boombox. of course you can also just listen to it on itunes, but that’s not half as nice an experience, right?

Aside from this, i might comment on things i see and hear occasionally on here, and we’ll see what this hybrid space does or does not evolve into. Any contributions are always very welcome.


unfinished aka mr. raveidge 😉